Adonis Golden Ratio Review — Full System Exposed-adonis golden ratio training program

Monday 17th, July 2017 / 23:30

adonis golden ratio training program-.

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Adonis Golden Ratio Review — Full System Exposed
Firstly I just wanted to point out what the “Adonis Golden Ratio” is and what it means; Quite simply put the Adonis Golden Ratio is the shape of the male body. It is all to do with the right proportions, waist size compared to the shoulder size.

“Adonis Golden Ratio” is the ratio of your waist circumference compared to your shoulders. These measurements determine weather you have the Adonis Golden Ratio Factor or not.

So why is this important? Basically the Adonis Golden Ratio concept has been programmed into us from the beginning of time which separates the attractive from the non-attractive subconsciously.

To achieve the PHYSIQUE is to have the Adonis golden ratio and to have the Adonis golden ratio means not only you will perform better at sports but you will be more attractive and irresistible to women.

The RIGHT Training Program?
Leading fitness experts John Barban them and Kyle Leon both specialize in nutritional supplementation and muscle building breakthroughs. They together have developed a scientifically proven formula to transform the male body from average to ultimately astonishingly irresistible to women. This system “Adonis Golden Ratio” will have you as ripped as anything in 90 days or less.

This lucrative system will give anybody the body shape women cannot resist as long as they stick with the program. The Success Rate is 97.5%!! The Adonis Golden Ratio was very fittingly named after the Greek demigod of beauty and desire.

What’s Included?
First after you purchase the Adonis Golden Ratio Training Program, you’ll calculate your Adonis index. To see if you have or how far you are off having the Adonis Golden Ratio… John’s powerful software will determine the right program for you based on your personal needs.

In the Adonis Training guide, you’ll discover:
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A weird but powerful trick that triggers your body to produce more growth hormone (creating rapid muscle growth and dramatic fat loss)
Which specific exercises to NEVER do
78 advanced exercise instructional video lessons

Bonus 1: The Adonis Abs and Arms Assault
This is a 4 week program that teaches you advanced muscle-building techniques that ignite inches of lean muscle mass growth to your arms which chiseling out razor sharp abs.

Bonus 2: Adonis Unlimited Upgrades
John’s a scientist and he’s continuously upgrading his formulas and theories. With unlimited improvements, you’ll be the first person to hear (and get access to) any of John’s discoveries, at no cost.

Bonus 3: 7 Days Out (from Kyle Leon)
This bonus is from best-selling author and world-renowned fitness expert Kyle Leon.

7 Days Out shows you how to look 10-20 pounds more muscular AND 10-20 pounds leaner inside of a week.
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Adonis Golden Ratio Review -- Full System Exposed
Check This Out: adonis golden ratio training program

Have you wondered how no matter where in the world people are from, they can all basically spot a person that just looks better?

They can even point out buildings or statues that just look “right.”

All people have this innate ability to recognize and appreciate beauty when they see it. Yet, not many have ever taken the time to describe and measure that beauty.

When it comes to the human body, there are a specific set of measurements and ratios that can tell you what the ideally proportioned physique looks like.

Classic Greek and Roman sculptors like Leonardo da Vinci worked out what those measurements are. However, over the ages, the concept of the perfect measurements has disappeared.

The three measurements that you absolutely need to be aware of in order to work out your ideal body proportions are as follows:

1) Your Height

2) Your Waist

3) Your Shoulders

Studies conducted on the human body, classic art sculpture and the psychology of attraction point out that generally speaking, there is a certain body shape and size that people the world over find most find most attractive to look at.

Persons that are closest to this ideal size and proportion are generally treated more favorably, because like it or not, we live in a world where the way one looks is highly important.

Given the physical and social advantages of having a perfectly proportioned physique, aren’t you interested to know what your specific ideal size and shape is and how you can go about achieving that look?

Beginning with your height, you’ll have an ideal waist measurement and shoulder measurement that together, will cause you to have the perfectly proportioned physique.

These ideal measurements are not up for discussion; scientific research shows that females find men most appealing when their proportions approach those ideal measurements.

You can ask women in your social circle what body shape they find most appealing in men. You can bet you last dollar that these women won’t think that men with bulky “body builder” type bodies or with “power lifter” type bodies are appealing.

To get on the road to building the body that women find most appealing, you need to be aware of where you are at the moment to where your ideal is. Once you know where you are now, you can work out how to go about getting the ideally proportioned body.

Fitness guru John Barban has created a workout program that is based on bringing you to your ideally shape physique starting with your present measurements as a base.

Forget about just going to the gym and lifting a random set of weights or doing cardio to get rid of fat. John has created a workout program that can be customized to build your body into its perfect shape.

This program allows you to get bigger only in the right parts of your body and also lose inches in the right places.

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