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Tuesday 14th, November 2017 / 22:32

adonis golden ratio calculator online-.

adonis golden ratio calculator online Adonis Golden Ratio:

In case you don’t know, most women will vote for the fit and athletic look over big, beefy or even the very muscular looking men. It’s about having a masculine, fit and balanced look to the body.

Science has shown over and over again that women are most attracted to a man with shoulders that are 1.618 times bigger than his waist. And the Adonis Golden Ratio system is customized to meet the needs of any man no matter what his condition when he starts the program.

The program makes it clear that this is not your average body building program, and that the look that you want for optimal health and attractiveness is not what you often see in muscle-building magazines. It’s more about achieving the way your body was designed to look.

The Adonis Golden Ratio Measurements system includes a software app that takes into account your current weight, height, waist, and shoulder measurements along with your age. Using that information, it creates a custom program to guide you towards sculpting your own ideal physique.

If you are tired of guessing at what to do, and if you are eager to find a plan that will build the most attractive, the most balanced body that doesn’t cost you a big pile of money – Get the step by step, exact how to’s program that will show you how to get your perfect Adonis Golden Ratio Measurements here:

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Adonis Golden Ratio Measurements | Adonis Golden Ratio Sizes
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